About Us

Established in 1993, SIAG is an Australia-wide industrial relations, employment law and human resources service provider. SIAG exclusively provides advice and assistance to employers.

Our diverse client base comprises private, not-for-profit and public sector organisations in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia. Our specialisations include the healthcare, aged care, community and disability services, real estate and licensed clubs sectors

The modern workplace is an evolving environment requiring innovative solutions to increasingly complex issues. Our employment lawyers and human resources and industrial relations advisors offer expertise within a range of disciplines and experience from varying career backgrounds. The advice we give is practical and commercially realistic.

Our advisors are well experienced in working in different and difficult organisational and industrial climates and are able to adapt to the various needs of clients and organisations, both small and large.

Our corporate culture and values are centred around providing accurate advice helping clients to improve business outcomes through better management of human resource issues and thus enhancing their ability to improve their performance, manage risks, and build value through superior people leadership and management.

In serving our clients, we are committed to our core values of excellence through leadership that demonstrates vision; skill and innovation: partnerships based on strong mutually beneficial relationships; learning and knowledge sharing; and a strong commitment to integrity in all our dealings.

We have acquired vast experience working with and in a range of organisations so that we can provide timely and practical solutions for Employers.

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