Welcome to our new Connected Leadership offering and our promise to build the bench-strength of your front line/people leadership cohorts.

Our Offer

Connected Leadership and it’s a title earned by front-line managers who are consistent, cohesive and collaborative; the ones with the relationship savvy to influence and get things done way more than their technical know-how or authority would ever allow and the ones that can legitimise executive claims about nurturing high performance cultures; best to think of it as raising the level of management influence through better forms of meaningful collaboration.


Our Leadership Philosophy

We introduce managers to a purpose-built workforce leadership system that enables the to take on any/all relational management challenges

We organise journeys into the essentials of managing self; connecting with others; and connecting others

We offer the best in blended learning through our MyQuest Learning exchange promotes action, engagement, and development of new habits

We offer you continued support way beyond the formal instruction period with ongoing access to your curriculum and learning cohort

We build confidence as well as capability to act through our team of accredited coaches with deep histories in coaching/advising managers on behaviour change and leadership effectiveness


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Connected Leadership will be particularly relevant for developing groups of managers at the same time, for developing your own brand of leadership, and for managers who would appreciate this type of development and be willing to share accountability for their learning.


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